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IT infrastructure

Business Growth DiagramAs the company grows, its necessary for the IT infrastructure to keep pace with it.

We have been working with small company IT for 25 years, for more than half of that time as Value Added Resellers specifying and implementing systems ranging from single station CAD systems to complex integrated design and manufacture systems.

We have produced many training programmes aimed at the growing small business covering network support, flexible and remote working, e-commerce and on-line marketing.

We were selected to produce and roll out a training programme for PCworld covering how small companies really use IT in practice, a complete e-enablement training programme for small transport companies commissioned by the EU Leonardo project and a recent set of workshops for WestFocus entitled Triumph and Disaster looking at how SMEs use IT for promoting themselves and for putting in place disaster recovery programmes. We've also have some useful diagnostic and project management tools for growing businesses.

Abandoned Heroes

Was a detailed research project carried out with colleagues from Brunel, RHUL and Brunel business schools into how small companies actually used IT. We discovered some interesting findings

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IT projects

e-Tranee was a comprehensive project which looks at how IT usage fits within a companies actual business needs. Companies don't buy IT equipment in a vacuum. They have a specific reason which is being driven by a business pressure. These may be problems of growth, of consolidation or of communication. The common ones are shown around the network diagram. We've shown the IT system as a network - because you're connected to the outside world. You have to communicate with customers, with subcontractors and with the consignments and vehicles as they travel. Often this can be done by tracking number and website - but sometimes you need to communicate with the vehicles as they move on.

The chart lets companies

As part of this project we created an IT planning document.

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or you can purchase the full e-tranee workbook for £15+VAT from the section on the left menu.

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