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organisation value systemsInnovation is not just about creating new products and bringing them to market. An equally large area is innovation in people and process management. This is not just true for the corporate sector. The situation is even more complex in the public and voluntary sectors where individuals from organisations of very different cultures may need to work together to deliver common services.

We have found that the tools of BrainTechnologies have been very useful in helping to develop working solutions to some of these issues.

Leadership is the internal version of marketing - it needs a clear vision confidently articulated in terms that fit with the thinking styles and value systems of the audience. Brain Technologies take on the Graves Spiral is simple and effective - and it helps us understand the motivations of the stakeholders we need to take along with us. The sister product - the BrainMap helps us understand how people think. It helps us defuse the mine field. .

If we learn to recognise the signatures of behavioural styles then we can make collaboration happen. The main reason projects fail is that people who need to collaborate are simply not engaged. Sometimes this is a simple failure of communication, sometimes its a matter of not taking into account how people like to be talked to.

We all balance left brain skills which deal with logic and closure and right brain skills which deal with exploring and building patterns and relationships. We all balance instinctie and rational behaviour. This analysis needs to 4 characteristic quadrants - and the value systems that go with them. The BrainMap helps individuals explore the balance of these tendencies in themselves and recognise the biases in those they deal with - whether they motivated by control, novelty, belonging and relationhips of just plain old results!

Part of the power is helping us recognise where the cultures of our major partner organisations lie so that we can deal with the political landscape more effectively - a key skill for partnership working in the knowledge economy.

A white paper exploring these topics and the different motivational biases of private and public sector organisations will be available shortly.

In the meantime, here are the tools which we use and recommend to help you get to grips with these issues. .The BrainMap helps you establish your preferred thinking style. Devised by Dudley Lynch of Brain Technologies it enables you to quickly self assess how you prefer to use the different thinking styles available to you. Its companion product , MindMaker 6 lets you establish what your values spectrum looks like according to the Graves Spiral. We use them to help our clients with marketing and leadership issues - if you understand yourself better you'll have more empathy with those you want to motivate - and so will do a better job. They're £16.50 each including postage. You can buy them by clicking the pictures.

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Conflict Resolution

Pivotal for successful partnership working is a good understanding of conflict resolution styles - and which one particulars individuals might adopt. The main strategies are shown in the diagram and most people will use a combination of these.

Dudley Lynch characterises individuals whose self-image depends on winning whether or not anyone else gets hurt as sharks - they tend to use a combination of take-over and trade-off as their preferred strategies. Individuals who are more group orientated -the carp - may prefer to give in or get out.

Entrepreneurs in Knowledge businesses who tend to combine powerful skills in systems thinking with strong people skills combine breakthrough and give-in. If it's important they'll take the time to construct a true win-win. If not they'll do it the partner's way and save their energy for somthing important.

We aim to create dolphins who are strong in themselves, know how to collaborate and are able to use all strategies effectively. We need people who understand that starting with nice strategies usually gets better results over time but who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and retaliate or take-over when the situation requires it.

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